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                Welcome to the official website of MasterFy Translations Co., Ltd.!
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                China Translation, Beijing Translation, Shanghai Translation, Guangzhou Translation, Shenzhen Translation, New York Translation, Washington Translation, Milan Translation, London Translation, Paris Translation, Barcelona Translation, Tokyo Translation, Bangkok Translation, Sydney Translation MORE >>
                MasterFy Translations Co., Ltd. is a large-scale professional translation service company approv-ed by and registered with Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Administration, supplying multi-language solutions to global customers. It is a member of Translators Association of China. We have rich and solid experiences in translation industry and large-scale project management. Founded in July 2007, MasterFy has now such branches as MasterFy Translations (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., MasterFy Translations (Lanzhou) Co., Ltd. and MasterFy Translations (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., etc, to match the ever-growing business.
                  Senior project managers, senior translation proofreaders, experienced IT editors and page layout engineers, all of whom had worked for large-scale professional translation companies and localization service providers and have abundant experience in translation and the management of big projects, founded MasterFy Translations together. Now there are nearly 15, 000 translation personnel all over the world working for MasterFy Translations which can thus process 1.8 million words daily, with the quality of translation and service obtaining high opinions from customers. We establish good reputation and make the brand of MasterFy very famous. Our company ... MORE>>
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                Add Room 16C02, Block C, 16F, Time Mansion, No.130, Hengfeng Rd, Shanghai
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                English Translation, Japanese Translation, Korean Translation, German Translation, French Translation, Russian Translation, Spanish Translation, Portuguese Translation, Italian Translation, Arabic Translation, Dutch Translation, Turkish Translation, Thai Translation, Malay Translation, Bahasa Indonesia Translation, Persian Translation, Vietnamese Translation, Greek Translation, Hindi Translation, Urdu Translation, Swedish Translation, Danish Translation, Polish Translation MORE >>
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                Bidding documents, Contract translation, Real estate brochures, Thesis translation, Website translation, Engineering translation, Machine translation, Electronic translation, Certificates translation, Construction translation, Advertising translation, Chemical translation, Medicine translation, Financial translation, Communications translation, Software translation, Automobile translation, Finance translation, Legal translation, Electrical translation, Petroleum translation MORE >>
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